Latest uploads, Cherry blossom in the garden Dec 2020

I am still looking at images from the first lockdown and found quite a few Cherry/apple/plum blossom images that I have just had published. It was during the heatwave and a very pleasant way to spend some time, macro lens tripod and lots of bright sunshine.

DeepMeta - SearchSpring blossom macro shots from first lockdown in UK.

Latest uploads rather than shoots - November 2020

As lock down continues there has been little opportunity to get out and about so I have looked back and uploaded from images taken earlier in the year.

This is a shoot from the back garden in March with macro lens and natural light.

DeepMeta - Search

Huntingdon images for 2021 calendar

My calendars sell in 2 local Huntingdon shops and online via
This set will get some chosen for the 2021 calendar as they came out very well.

DeepMeta - SearchSunrise images over the Great Ouse at Huntingdon.

Visit to Newcastle just before lockdown - Oct 2020

As a native of the North East (Gateshead) I often travel back to visit relatives and friends, obviously this has been severely curtailed this year with us having to stay in hotels and visit on doorsteps. I have always wanted to get some images of the Tyne at night and never had the energy to lug a tripod around so it never happened - until now.

We stayed on the quayside an I managed enough impetus to get the tripod out and stand on the swing bridge for half an hour. I was pleased with the results although many have already done this so I am not expecting a major sales explosion from them .

Cambridge calendar - 11 Oct 2020

I went to Cambridge on Sunday 11 October and was able to get a few images for the 2022 calendar. Nothing startling, but some good late summer lighting and cloud formations over the famous buildings. I will show some when they are post processed and published.

Dropped off some samples with Heffers who will hopefully order calendars and Jigsaws.

Update: no jigsaw orders but a substantial order for Cambridge calendars, apparently no-one else is producing Cambridge calendars this year.

Tamron 150-600mm USD G2 update

The lens has returned from Fixation after some repairs to the USD drive and a recalibration and seems to be performing well. I was only able to trial in relatively low light so they were a bit noisy (Topaz denoise AI helped enormously) see below.

Tamron 150-600mm USD G2

I have just sent my second hand Tamron 150-600mm lens Sony Alpha (A) mount back to Tamron for evaluation under warranty. I have the 70-200mm f2.8 USD G2 and it is phenomenal, fast and silent autofocus and pin sharp results. On the basis of this and a number of very flattering reviews I searched worldwide to get the 150-600mm version for extra reach. It turns out they had stopped manufacturing so no new ones available. I did find a second hand one on eBay in the USA and a very helpful seller got it to me. Initially I was very impressed, fast and silent autofocus as with the 70-200mm but when I got the images back on the computer, no matter what ISO, shutter speed or aperture, all of the images just looked a little soft, especially those involving birds. Whilst they were still usable they weren't as good as I expected and certainly no where near the 70-200mm results. Hopefully Tamron can recalibrate or adjust/ replace elements of the lens groups to give the pin sharp results I was hoping for and which others have reported in reviews. If it comes back as 'within tolerances' I will be less than impressed that a £1500 lens only gives similar results to a £300 one!
Update: the lens needs new bushes and calibration, unfortunately not covered by the warranty (original warranty was for USA only). Hopefully it will now be the pin sharp monster I was hoping for! I will take some example shots once it has returned. At the moment this is all it could muster.

River Tyne at sunrise - 14 and 15 Sep 2020

Whilst visiting my native North East I took the opportunity to take some shots of the sun rising over the River Tyne.

River Tyne at sunrise

Hunstanton Long Exposure Sep 2020

I bought a Lee Filters 10 stop Big stopper filter and holder in August but hadn't really had the correct subject matter. A specific trip to Hunstanton, ostensibly to shoot the S.T. Sheraton wreck, turned out very fruitful with the sea defences and markers being ideal for 1 minute plus exposures.

Hunstanton long exposures Sony A99ii body, Sony 24-70mmZeiss Vario-sonnar f2.8 lens, Lee Filter 10 stop Big stopper ND filter, Manfrotto tripod and most importantly a remote trigger